ROI & Budget Planning

We believe Budget Planning is a way to reflect business priority as well as reflecting the Return On Investment potential of any marketing campaign. It is an iterative process and it may have a lot of factors including environment, competition, seasonal, business & product cycle…etc. Hence, Adams often adopts a progress model of investment in order to “test the water” and in order to gather initial data for better estimation of the future.

Weighting & Objective Oriented Approach

In a lot of cases, budget should be allocated according to the priority of objectives. However, we should also consider not to break the budget to too smaller chunks in order to create adequate impact for it to be significantly enough for future planning. In some multinational cases, countries can be the highest level of budget allocation unit but in some other cases, brands or business lines can be the way to define priority. Typically, percentage of total budget is a way to represent the weighting of the objective. It is an effective way for us to cross-reference and to build a strategic view on the overall planning.