Search Engine Marketing

Baidu, Google and Yahoo is definitely the biggest and most powerful search engines in the world. However, companies and marketing professionals must be careful enough to choose the right search engine for the right market for their specific industry as well as their specific target potential customers and audiences in the Search engine marketing practices.

In general, Google is the No. 1 leader of search engine in the world. It has a very sophisticated interface and system (AdWords) that would allow you to uniquely and accurately define your marketing campaigns to reach your target customers across countries and regions. It would also allow you to advertise your text ad or image (banners) and video/animated ads on their extensive partner network of those which already join through AdSense.

However, there are always local kings like Baidu in China which is the default choice for many people both commercially and personally for searching Chinese websites that are hosted and targeting the mass population of Internet users in China. On the other hand, Yahoo is especially more prominent than other search engines in certain countries/regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan…etc.

In order to reach your potential customers effectively, Adams consultants will always analyze your company’s specific business nature and target customers needs for the reason of getting the best possible ROI (return on investment) for you.  

Website Enhancement & Tuning Consultation

SEO Consultation
(3 months services)

Scope of Work


Increase search ranks of strategically important keywords and search terms
Increase relevancy for target audience to gain better conversion
Increase online presence and grow brand association of the selected category

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4x 2 Hours Consultation Meetings
Website Business Analytical Review
Keywords/Search Terms/Copywriting Support
Google Related Issues Support

Adams Performance Management

Impressions is the top-most consideration for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is no use for an ad of no viewers. Therefore, Adams consultants would review the selection of keywords constantly to improve the exposure of our customers’ advertisements for gaining both the awareness and attraction from their target customer


Our target and optimize display campaigns

Marketing Budget Optimization

In Adams, we do not believe in head-to-head competition and we do not encourage our customers to spend marketing budget unwisely for just fighting to get to the top of the search results.

Instead, we plan and execute on behalf of our customers for Search Engine Marketing using a very simple but beautiful methodology of keeping the average cost-per-click (CPC) as low as possible to maximize the money being spent.


Viral Marketing

Adams Targeted Strategy

Adams consultants are well trained and experienced to design very attractive advertising message for our customers in order to gain the maximum exposure of search results on the search engines including Baidu, Google and Yahoo in Hong Kong, China and rest of the world.



Budget Vs Return

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid advertising whereas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of optimizing your natural search results to be shown in higher positions of the non-paid area of the results in a page for specific keyword search.

Traditionally, SEO may help companies to get more exposure over their competitions to reach more potential customers when SEM was not so popular. However, for some very competitive industry segments, SEM is playing an important role to help companies to get their marketing message to their target customers faster and easier.

There actually has no strict rule in choosing to use SEM or SEO or both across the board but it is always a matter of budget Vs return!

No matter what, Adams will help customers to decide and evaluate the best options for their unique requirements.