Online Presence

Online Presence is a general strategy to gain as much as possible exposure for your business and brands among your target audiences. The skill is to identify your key target audiences and where can they be research in the context of their interested areas. There are many ways to achieve this and Online Profiling is one of the most basic way Adams will perform for our clients.


Target Audience Behavior Analysis

By identifying your target audiences, Adams consultants will help and research on the online behavior of your target audiences and the market intelligence of your sector. This is such an important procedure to conduct in order to prepare for your contents of communication as well as your positioning in the market. There are a number of tools available in the market that will be used to achieve the best possible picture we can reassemble.



Channel Selection

Based on the findings of the Target Audience Behaviour Analysis, there are always a clear pictures on which channels that we cannot miss in order to communicate to our target audiences. However, under the constraint of limited resources, Adams consultants will strategically advise the priority of the channels for the selection of clients in order to maximize the effect.



Strategic Online Copy Writing

Online Copy Writing is an art of presenting your products and brands in “Search Engine Friendly” way. There are many considerations and you need skills to adapt to different media when it comes to the limiting factors of each online and mobile medium due to the word counts, impact to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), brand image or brand promise or brand position…etc. Adams consultants are skillful in this area as we are well-trained and with the in depth knowledge of the characteristics of each online media.