Digital PR /
Public Relations

Press Release is a great tool for creating long term online presence. In addition, it should be posted on your own website, Facebook, Blogs…etc, you should also consider to post them to the channels and online media that your target audiences are most likely accessible. Nonetheless, based on the Target Audience Behavior Analysis, Adams Consultants will identify the key channels of such postings. Moreover, Adams are active working with different Digital PR networks to support our clients to reach broader target audiences in different parts of the world and segments. Generally, the effective use of e-Press Release will definitely help organizations to build up a good Online Presence as well as Brand Perception over time.


Newsroom &  Media Centre Building

Adams encourages clients to build up Newsroom or Media Centre on their Website. It is a common practice on the internet and Search Engines do search for such setup on websites. It both serve a central depository of the news about your organization and also it will increase your relevancy to your business category if press releases are written in an organized manner.



Digital PR Network Engagement

Effective use of existing Digital PR Networks will help you to accelerate the reach to your target audiences in a short period of time. It is a strategic tactic Adams may employ to help clients to achieve good performance in a given short time frame. We only use credible Digital PR Networks that are engaging news portals, domain expert blogs, industry portal, business directories…etc.

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