All brands are equal if you are not presenting your brand in a well-organized, well-described and well-presented manner with your brand positioning, brand promise, brand character and brand differentiation. There are many search engines, public directories, social media, blogs, forums, online shopping malls…etc that would allow you to display your brand, products and services free of charge but powerfully enough to cover the market with long term impact. Experts of Adams are very experienced in helping you to present your brand in the most appropriate channels.

Adams has been proactively working with many e-Mail Marketing platforms that may suit different level of requirements for small enterprises as well as large enterprises.


Customers may take advantage from...


Largely increase sales enquiry rate and return on Investment


Exponentially enlarge company community and potential customers reach


Dramatically enrich company branding and customer brand preference


Effectively improve services level and customers satisfaction


Websites are so important to make e-Marketing
campaigns successful!

Most e-Marketing campaigns will redirect potential customers to the target landing (web) page you want people to view the specific promotional contents. If you don’t have a good look and feel of your web page, the chances of your potential customers would take any action are very slim. 4 ground rules of successful websites are :

Adams specializes in providing business strategies for companies those want to gain the maximum return on investment from their websites. We can help companies to achieve their goals including sales, branding and customers experience through their websites.

Customer Oriented

Your website should be laid out according to your target customers.

Contextual Content

Generally, you may only 10 seconds to capture the interest of new visitors of your website.

Call to Action

In order to generate business, hence, no enquiry no business!


Never under-estimate the power of word of mouth when your website is being referred and invited by your existing customers to their friends.

Consultation service

The service level of Adams Website 
Consultation Service includes :


Social Media

The single largest search engine in China is Baidu and the impact of your presence on Baidu is extremely important if you are doing any business in China. There are such a large family of products of Baidu that you are eligible to use and register at free of charge. The more and frequent that you are using these tools, the more you will have a prominent presence in the online world of China. 

Moreover, with the right tracking tools, it is possible to uniquely identify the consumer behavior down to personal level with details of demographic information. This definitely can enrich the level of customer relationship building when data are managed strategically.

Diverse people using their phones


Content networks & portals

Apparently, there are a vast amount of content networks and portals are available on the internet. The way it is, they all serve a good purpose when somebody is search some interested areas in a special way. Generally, you need to ensure you have a good presence on these channels by providing your PowerPoint Slides, PDF files, Graphics…etc. In certain case, it can be as simple as a registration of an online business directory for your sector.