Media Channel Selection

Based on the findings of the Target Audience Behaviour Analysis, there are always clear pictures on which channels that we cannot miss in order to communicate to our target audiences. However, under the constraint of limited resources, Adams consultants will strategically advise the priority of the channels for the selection of clients in order to maximize the effect. By aligning to the Strategic Objectives laid out in the beginning of each market campaigns and business, Adams will help our clients to optimize their return on Investment by choosing the right media channels for any promotions or marketing campaigns.

Return On Investment

The definition of Return On Investment (ROI) is another way of listing out the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). In most cases, these KPI’s are measuring the success of the results that are aligned to the Strategic Objectives namely as Brand Awareness, Customer Base and Sales. Adams looks at data of Cost per Order, Cost per Enquiry, Cost per Lead, Cost per Action, Cost per Membership…etc very seriously. Ultimately, Media Channel Selection is all about how to interpret ROI’s per channel selected for an iterative optimization.