Mobile Marketing

We live in a Mobile AGE and smartphones are dominating our “Air Time” as well as “Eye Balls” all the time. Communication is spinning around mobile phones in different forms including Mobile Instant Messaging, Social Media Messaging and many other possibilities. Adams understands well the market demand and we use the most popular mobile channels and effective ways to reach your target audiences. We believe Mobile Marketing includes Mobile Web, Mobile Ad, Mobile App, WhatsApp, SMS and etc. The difference between Social Media and Mobile Media is really diminishing as mobile devices are becoming the primary media for internet users.


Mobile Website

Google has publicly announced that they would give priority to websites that are “Mobile Friendly” or “Mobile Ready” and websites can be tested whether it is Mobile Friendly on . Hence, it is so important to ensure your website is Mobile Ready and Finger Friendly in this MobileAGE in order to gain maximum exposure and better impression for your target audience. Adams has a lot of valuable ideas in presenting your contents in better mobile formats to gain highest attraction of your target audiences.

Woman using smartphone. The concept of using the phone is essential in everyday life.

Mobile Advertising

Since Mobile devices are now the primary channel for the source of information and communication in this MobileAGE, effectively advertise through Mobile Websites, Apps, Games, Social Media and other means will definitely help us to reach out our target audience with good return on Investment. Moreover, it would definitely create a lasting brand presence and increase brand awareness. There are many ad formats available and Adams will help our clients the most appropriate formats for their needs to optimize exposures on mobile devices.

Closeup portrait of smiling young Asian man using smartphone and sitting at empty table with blurred cafe interior in background

Mobile Devices Apps

Adams provides consultation for clients to create Apps that are functionally sound as well as we focus a lot on the user experience to create a deeper level engagement to increase the stickiness of users. Visual design and function flow are the key success factors. There are four major characteristics of Apps that we focus: Utilities, Contents, Social and Locational.