Digital Display Advertising

Adams provides comprehensive Digital Advertising Placement service for our clients across many popular online websites, blogs, portals, forums and mobile apps. Not only it can be contextual, it can also be targeted with most cost effective way of placing your attractive display banner/ graphic/ image/ video advertisements for your specific target customers.

“Top of Mind” is one of the most important topics we need to address for Marketing. With extensive partner network and in-depth knowledge of different markets, Adams is helping customers to locate and choose the best possible websites throughout Google Display Network and other Ad networks as well as other digital/online channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, …etc) to create their brand awareness on the Internet using attractive, creative, interactive graphic, image, HTML5 animation, video and many more digital ad formats for the digital display banner advertisements.

With lot of practical experiences, Adams consultants help customers to create the highest ROI (return on investment) ads that has high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) all the time to gain market segment share as well as creating sales demand for our customers through Digital Advertising.


Google Display (GDN) Network

Traditionally, Digital / Display Advertising is just showing a graphic/image banner display on a related website of the interest of your target audience. With the rise of Google Display Network (GDN), it has become one of the largest advertising networks in the world, there are many ways to get your banner advertisements showing in front of the eyes of your target audience. Contextual is the way to think and plan your digital / display advertising strategy. More than related keywords and you choose where your advertisements to be placed (i.e. placement websites) according to the interests, language, location…etc in the form of text or graphic on the banners. Experts of Adams will help you to form a comprehensive strategy to cover your market with effective approach of reaching more customers faster and better.

The most powerful way to reach your targets is to use remarketing and it can be very effective and a very good way to create top of mind among your recently visited customers.

There are certain Ad sizes may perform better than others.  Adams consultants are constantly doing research on the ad size performance and matching to the objectives of clients for leverage the best banner ad sizes as well as images/graphics, animation usages.



Display Remarketing (DRM)

With the capability of remarketing, your target customers are more than lightly to see your advertisements than any other people. Combine the capabilities of Google Display Network and other Ad Networks, it is not difficult to increase the quality of your reach to your higher quality customers in a more cost-effective ways. Experts of Adams will help you to formulate a strategy based on performance to place your banner advertisements in your target regions for your target audiences in a schedule of your choice.

In order to enable remarketing, a remarketing tag must be placed in the advertiser’s website.  Alternatively, Google Tag Manager must be installed before remarketing is possible.

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Facebook Advertising

There are a number of ways to advertise on Facebook based on your specific objectives. It is one of the most effective ways to reach more people of the same interests and demographics with texts, graphics, videos and photos. Your reach of target customers is typically based on the social network reach of Facebook users. Hence, if you can uniquely identify your target audience in a given pattern, the result can be surprisingly better than you can imagine. Experts of Adams can advise you how to design your campaign with a well-defined criteria in order to avoid any potential wastage of advertising budget.  We can also help you to estimate the potential reach of your target audience according to the marketing campaign objective.

Facebook also has its own version of remarketing which typically being called pixel marketing or retargeting.  In order to set up retargeting for Facebook, we need to install the specific pixel on the advertiser’s website or leveraging Google Tag Manager to chase the traffic history in the cookies on the browsers.

There is another powerful function of Facebook advertising called “Lookalike”. It is a function to facilitate Facebook to look for potential target audiences that are sharing very similar social behaviours in terms of their engagement, interests, demographics…etc of your special set of target audience.  By using Facebook “Lookalike” function, you can reach even further audiences that you are not able to reach before.



Video Advertising

There is a huge trend of advertisers increasing their budget online to show their TV Commercials (TVC) on both YouTube and Facebook. They are charged at Cost Per View (CPV) which lowered the barrier of entry so much as compared to the traditional TV channels. At the same time, the attendance level of viewing of the video ads are so much higher than you would view elsewhere. The effectiveness of such video advertising model is proven to be a lot more than the traditional TV Channel model by far. Moreover, with the right tracking tools, it is possible to uniquely identify the consumer behaviour down to personal level with details of demographic information. This definitely can enrich the level of customer relationship building when data are managed strategically.



Action Oriented Display Banner Ads

We are very specific on the strategy of the Ad design to be action oriented. It is becoming very difficult to get the attention of the Internet users, the “Stopping Power” of any ad depends on the sales program or actions being encouraged by the ad design. The animation and duration control governs the response as well as the messaging being presented.

Through different search engines including the world leading Google, Yahoo and Baidu, Adams provide the most cost-effective packages to customers to display their ads on a huge number of selected websites only charged by cost per click (CPC). This not only lower the entry barrier and serves as an excellent benchmarking exercise for customers to test the market response and performances of different targeted channels.