Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the most prominent media for communications in this age. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WeChat,Twitter, Weibo, Blogs, …etc are the best channels in reaching out to people both socially and in business. The success of many modern marketing campaigns showed us how social media network can be used to disseminate information as well as creating mass awareness at a great speed of time. This is especially true for people of the age between 13 to 50 years old. We are all connected by just “Six Degree of Separation” and this is the key to success for Sales & Marketing professionals to learn and master.

Adams has been representing corporations to maintain their online communities in different social media networks and acting as a online PR agency that may release and broadcast news as broadly as much as possible throughout the Internet using most viable networks and popular channels.

Social Media Marketing is also about content marketing.  Only the good contents can gain better reach and visibility of your target audiences.  There is no a single formula for the success for viral effect as audiences are different in each case but differently you have to know the social bahaviour of your target audience well before you can decide your contents.


Explosive Expansion of Business

Viral effect in Social Media Marketing is making it possible to grow business and awareness in a exponential speed.  The expansion of Social Media, especially like Facebook, Instagram are really dominating the mass of the internet active users.  However, in countries like China, WeChat is the choice of social media as majority of the users are on mobile only.  The potential reach for these social media are tremendously greater than any traditional media of all time.


Word of Mouth Marketing

The future is “Go Social” even in business. Never before advertising can be interactive and social media is making it possible that Word of Mouth (WOM) is having a new meaning through using the powerful applications and tools provided by the social networks. It is evolving at a great speed and the potential exponential growth of business is out of imagination for any business.


Online Public Relations

In order to gain better social media presence, we need to better leverage the power of digital PR effect.  With social media, PR is no longer a piece of static text with some pictures but it should be interactive, fun, interesting and engaging as much as possible. The volume of press releases are also a key success factor to a lot of cases.  Simply, out of sight – out of mind!

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StrWebsite Presence & Targeted Penetration

With social media presence, search engines can actually search the contents as well as the back links of your websites.  It is important to build up a network of back links to make your corporate website a lot more credible and relevant.  Hence, if you strategically build up accounts, pages on social media, effectively you are building a wonderful website ranking as a by-product.

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