Adams consultants are experienced professionals with proven track records and market reputation in Sales & Marketing, Finance and other Business disciplines. We can provide the best advices to our clients to win and grow their businesses.

We live in a Internet Age, Adams has accumulated with significant amount of experience in helping clients to review their business strategy and design the best possible go-to-market plans in the different markets in the world using Internet channels and Mobility solutions.

Adams 4A’s Strategy

Assess Business Situation

Analyze Solutions

Actions Planning

Amend Actions as required

Adams 5C’s Business & Review

Dynamic Market Situations

Adams 5C’s Business Planning & Review is just a model for any business to go through planning and review in a structured way. One should use it to ratify your business decisions. There are no model answers to the questions being raised above but definitely the answers will change over time as your business progresses. Therefore, constant review of your business using this model is required in order to reflect the changes of the kind of dynamic market situations we are in today and ever!


Adams 4C’s Website Design

Customers may take advantage from Adams Website Consultation Services for the following benefits:

Customer Oriented

Contextual Contents

Call to Actions

Community Building

Adams IDEAL e-Strategy

Investment Reward
I – Identify Your Customers
D – Decide Your Budget
E – Experiment Your Options
A – Assess Your Results
L – Leverage Others

e-Marketing is an art and it takes time and effort to perfect. In this Internet age, we just do not have an option of opting out of e-Marketing. However, if you are willing to try, practice will make perfect and you will certainly find reward from your investments.

Adams ABCDE Marketing Strategy

Our highest quality service and outstanding consultation


run marketing activities with your partners and maximize costs & resources


always highlight your product/service’s benefits and values


focus 80% effort on the most strategic 20% of products/services


leverage your products/services strength to gain the maximum return


ready to adapt changes of business environment and ecosystem

We must be ready to adapt changes in our business environment and willing to work with other alliances to create the maximum effect in marketing of highlighting the benefit/values of our most strategic products/services with most of our effort by leveraging the strengths of different products and services. It is a very exciting and interesting game we are in!

We deliver projects on these popular platforms in the world