E-Mail Marketing is an very effective tool, yet very difficult to master in today’s environment with so many junk or spam mails bombarding our e-Mail inbox everyday. It is relatively “cheap” to cover a broad base of customers directly. The key success factor to e-Mail Marketing is to send the targeted e-Mail message to the right target audience. Subject line is the very first barrier for any e-Mail to be opened by your potential customers though the design of the message also plays a very important role.

The technical requirement of sending e-Mails to your customers systematically and periodically as well as observing the legal issues involved is mandatory to any company which considers employ e-Mail Marketing seriously.

Compelling Messaging Design

News can be spread further, faster, and more directly to a specific target audience than ever before in history. It allows us to maximize news like never before. Instead of being satisfied with a single placement, your news can be shared exponentially.

e-mail marketing

Customer Relationship Management

Viral Marketing

We believe Top of Mind is a powerful way to manage customer relationship and Word of Mouth marketing is also a very powerful way to expand your customer reach. By strategically sending out designed messages to customers regularly will definitely build up your brand and product awareness. Provided the messaging is right, the result and reach will grow exponentially as people forward your message to their extended network of friends and colleagues.

High Performance e-Mail Marketing Tool

Adams has a complete portfolio of powerful e-Mail Marketing tools from our comprehensive partners to help our customers to send and track performance of their e-Mail campaigns. All of our tools can offer Open Rate report as well as Click Through Rate report which can allow us to review and evaluate the Return On Investment of each promotional e-Mail.

The auto-unsubscribe function of these tools can help our customers to ensure unsubscribe requests are dealt instantly without delay and avoid violating the legal requirements unintentionally especially for those restrictive countries and regions.

Targeted Customer Databases

Our target and optimize display campaigns

With Adams extensive Partner network, we are able to source and rent most appropriate customer databases that are highly meeting customers different expectations. As long as our clients can describe the characteristics of their own target audience, we are confident to find appropriate target customer database source for them from a wide range of selection.


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