Social Media Monitoring

Social Media is becoming the largest media for the source of information for people. Sometimes, it is even faster to get the news spread than the official news channels available. Fan base of Social Media accounts or pages are somehow good indicators of the social and market trend of the world and your target segments. It is actually a very complicated task to get a real picture of the trend on social media. Adams adopts methodologies and tools that are representative enough to monitor these trends for our clients.

Like Ratio Assumption

It will never make sense if the “Like” ration of any fan page or account that are less than 1% of the total fan base. It is a very first thing we assume it is an active fan base or not. We have seen a lot of successful fan page or Social Media account will have a lot higher ratio when contents are substantial and solid a way of the interest of the target audience.

User Engagement

User Generated Contents (UGC)

User Engagement is measured by the number of users’ comments and feedback as well as User Generated Contents (UGC). A typical case for a popular Social Media or Mobile Media, UGC’s are are generally high and the interactions between users are high and it certain cases they are really conversing in real time without the participation of the owner of the page or account. Market insights can be derived quite easily in such cases and the viral elements are very dense in most of these cases.

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