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KILL FAKE ACCOUNT– on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter

Social Impostor is a customized service which utilizes exclusive technology to remove fake social network pages for celebrities on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. Including but not limited to actors, athletes, models, musicians, business people, high-profile brands, large corporations, members of the clergy and their management teams.



All brands have is a valuable name and it is inestimable. The ‘blue tick’ in the social network page means ‘verified’ only but it does not help you to eliminate impostors or the risk of them. Impostors use the name or the photos of famous brands, sports teams and politicians to create fake social network pages. Any action, post or inappropriate speaking can affect the reputation and the image of the brands or the celebrities. Those problems can result in negative media attention. Your fans, your supporters may be confused by this situation and lead to more serious problems.


Social Impostor’s clients are the typical famous people like models, athletes, musicians, high-profile brands, politicians, members of the clergy and their management teams. Celebrities with lots of fake accounts on social network page such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter using their name and photos would be our precious clients.




High Profile Brand


High Profile Management

In Social Impostor, we trust.

Social Impostor developed exclusive professional technology to identify, report and remove the fake social network pages created by impostors to protect the prestige and intellectual equity of the celebrities. The mitigation specialists do client’s a favor by reducing the time and effort of their management team. We have already remove more than 58,000 fake social media pages and unauthorized Amazon and Apple App Store accounts.

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