Secrets of Digital Sales & Marketing Course


Course Target Audience :
CEOs, Sales & Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs

Class Size :

Language :
Seminars are conducted in English or Cantonese

Venue :
On-site at client’s office

…as recommended by more than 90% of the attendees

“fruitful content and update on market trend”
“most updated news of social media market development”
“latest trend & successful examples of others”

Crash course perfectly for CEOs and Management

6 Secrets for Digital Sales & Marketing Topics

Learn all ‘‘MUST KNOW’’ tips of digital marketing

Want to be successful in digital world? Want to maximize your online exposure?

‘Master the rules of online digital advertising, otherwise you will be mastered.’’ said Matthew Kwan, Principal Consultant of Adams, in the ‘‘Secret for Digital Sales & Marketing’’ seminar yesterday.

In the course, “Highly Effective Ways for Search Engines Success” was the first topic of the lot. The course is targeting CEOs and Management to think and rethink about their overall strategy towards Digital Marketing in the too complex digital world today!

Putting a huge of budget do not mean it is successful in digital world? Key to be successful is how well you know about digital world. Join our seminars to know secret tips in using simple tricks to achieve their business goals.


Topic 1.
Highly Effective Ways for Search Engines Success

• To ensure your brand on the front page
• Winning strategy of your keywords
• Improve your top Search Ranking
• Increase your Click Rate
• To optimize your ad performance


Topic 2.
Strategic e-Channels advertising

• Growing your target audience with right channels
• Master the game rules of key channels
• Success factors for the creative design & UX
• Get maximum exposure with minimum budget
• Increase gain of the market share


Topic 3.
Boost your online Sales

• Generate Frist time purchase
• Shortening the checkout process
• Creating the demand for success
• 3R (Return/Repeat/Referral) Strategy and Implementation
• Successful Membership and Loyalty Program
• Increase ROI with lower cost per sales


Topic 4.
Successful story of digital PR & Social Media Marketing

• Digital Public Relations Strategy
• Running Stunning Social Media Marketing Campaign
• Create Great Marketing Content for Social Media
• Winning Viral Design Elements
• Mastering channels to release your Digital Press Releases
• Effective PR Crisis Management


Topic 5.
Create Customer Database and Expand Target Audience

• Utilizing multi-channel to build customer database
• Integrated strategy to expand your client lists
• Driving sales via e-Mail Marketing Strategy
• Smart Legal tips of e-Mail Direct Marketing
• Expand channels to reach target market


Topic 6.
Achieving Excellent Performance and Optimization

• Powerful Key Performance Indicators
• The real success metrics
• Enhance performance measures
• Mastering Google Analytics
• Maximizing the Return-On-Investment

Matthew Kwan

Speaker :

Matthew Kwan

– Principal Consultant, Adams Company Limited

Matthew Kwan is the Principal Consultant of Adams (www.adamshk.com) responsible in Branding, Business Consulting and Enterprise Trainings. He served for many years in multi-national companies including Intel, JP Morgan and Jardines with very broad experience in sales & marketing and management in multicultural and international settings.

As a seasoned speaker & lecturer, Matthew is frequently being invited to speak publicly in Public, Commercial and Christian sectors specializing in the topics of Sales & e-Marketing, Leadership & Management, Business Communications in Hong Kong, China, and Overseas. He lectured at events of HK Trade Development Council (HKTDC), HK Productivity Council (HKPC), HK Retail Management Association (HKRMA), HK Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC), HK Exporters’ Association, HK Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP), HK Institute of Marketing (HKIM), Federation of HK Industries (FHKI), HK Management Association (HKMA), HK Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians (HKIAAT), HKSAR Labour Department, HKSAR Social Welfare Department, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Hang Seng Management College, Australia RMIT University, St James Settlement, Salvation Army, HK Baptist Theological Seminary, Breakthrough and…etc.

Matthew holds a Master degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, USA and a Bachelor degree in Information Engineering from University of Manchester, UK.

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