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Website Consultation Service


Sales is one of the most important strategic objectives that e-Marketing is to bring.  Websites or promotional mini-sites are the key success factor to any e-Marketing activities.  Based on cumulated knowledge of numerous cases, Adams has derived the best known methods in producing the most effective websites that will drive actions from target audiences and customers.

By analyzing the specific requirements of each customer in their specific segments, Adams will provide most appropriate recommendations in building an effective website strategy for our valued customers.  Traffics and visitors are proven to increase with relevant design and call-to-actions.

4C Website Strategy

Adams specializes in providing business strategies for companies those want to gain the maximum return on investment from their websites. We can help companies to achieve their goals including sales, branding and customers experience through their websites.

Building Effective Website

Websites are so important to make e-Marketing campaigns successful!

Most e-Marketing campaigns will redirect potential customers to the target landing (web) page you want people to view the specific promotional contents. If you dont have a good look and feel of your web page, the chances of your potential customers would take any action are very slim. 4 ground rules of successful websites are :

  • Customer Oriented: Your website should be laid out according to your target customers.
  • Contextual Content: Generally, you may only 10 seconds to capture the interest of new visitors of your website.
  • Call to Action: In order to generate business, hence, no enquiry no business!
  • Community Building: Never under-estimate the power of word of mouth when your website is being referred and invited by your existing customers to their friends.

Messaging on your web page is the next most import thing you have to deal with. It is an art to do good copywriting. By internet term, SHORT IS Beautiful!

Strategic Advantages

Customers may take advantage from Adams Website Consultation Services for the following benefits:

  • Largely increase sales enquiry rate and return on investment

  • Exponentially enlarge company community and potential customers reach

  • Dramatically enrich company branding and customer brand preference

  • Effectively improve services level and customers satisfaction

Consultation Service

The service level of Adams Website Consultation Service includes:

  • Business analysis of website strategy for specific companies

  • Specifications and feasibility study of user requirements

  • Advices on effective winning website design

  • Advices on functionalities for business expansion

  • Tailor-made consultation meetings


Enquiry Hotline

 +852 2723 9977 admin@adamshk.com

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