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Online Survey & Market Research


Online survey has become a very effective way in both conducting market research and capturing customer database in a relatively short period of time with less costs comparing to traditional methods of customer survey.  In most cases, the sample size of the gathered data is typically a lot larger than other channels if appropriate strategy is being deployed.

Adams is experienced in delivering online survey on behalf of our customers that are effective, relevant, technology independent.  Customers can launch their surveys in a matter of days and capturing the results immediately after the closing date!



Targeted Customer Segments

Adams will select only the most appropriate and relevant customers for any given survey from Adams extensive network of customers to participate the selected survey.


Reliable Technology Platform

Adams technology partners are well qualified and experienced in delivering online surveys for our customers with reliable and accurate technology platform to provide.


Creative Demand Creation

In order to create the upside for our customers, Adams always tries to make the survey invitation as creative as possible to generate more participants and to increase the sample size as many as possible to ensure the data captured is representable.


Filtered and Refined Results

Raw survey data will be further filtered to ensure relevancy level is met before it is being delivered to customers.  Result data can be delivered in Excel with tables or chart formats.

Adams Service Scope

  • Programming and hosting of the survey questions on Adams server during the survey period according to the given survey questions by client. (recommend to have no more than 20-30 questions including contact info)

  • Drafting the terms and conditions details for client approval

  • Recruit participants according to the target segments to complete survey using internet or mobile devices

  • High level summary report per question with simple charts

  • Raw data of the completed survey in Excel format

Adams Typical Service Timeline

  • Preparation: 7 days

  • Recruitment of survey: 7-14 days

  • Reporting: 7 days after the completion of the survey recruitment


Adams Past References
  • 8000+ Consumers (Shopping Behavior)  of targeted Salary Range in 1 Day (Sponsored by MNC 4A Agency)
  • 800+ Businessman (Reading Behavior) focused participants in 2 weeks (Sponsored by Hong Kong based Regional Newspaper)
  • 4000+ people (Brand Positioning) participated in 3 weeks (Sponsored by Worldwide Casual Wear Brand)
  • 700+ investment focused participants (Investment Behavior) in 2 weeks (Sponsored Financial/Investment Institution)
  • 2000+ Unique “One-Time” Survey Links & Auto Reminders (Sponsored by a Bible Seminary)




Enquiry Hotline

 +852 2723 9977 admin@adamshk.com

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Enquiry: admin@adamshk.com   Tel: +852 2723 9977    Address: Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong

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