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Social Media Marketing



Internet has become the most prominent media for communications in this age. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, ...etc are the best channels in reaching out to people both socially and in business. The success of President Obama's campaign showed us how social media network can be used to disseminate information as well as creating mass awareness at a great speed of time. This is especially true for people of the age between 15 to 50 years old. We are all connected by just "Six Degree of Separation" and this is the key to success for Sales & Marketing professionals to learn and master.

Adams has been representing corporations to maintain their online communities in different social networks and acting as a online PR agency that may release and broadcast news as broadly as possible throughout the Internet using most viable networks and channels.



Explosive Expansion of Business

The future is "Go Social" even in business.  Never before advertising can be interactive and social media is making it possible that Word of Mouth (WOM) is having a new meaning through using the powerful applications and tools provided by the social networks.  It is evolving at a great speed and the potential exponential growth of business is out of imagination for any business.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Hundreds of million people are connected through social networks and it is an increasing trend that people may refer and share their thoughts about any product, service or company of any kind using this new mean.  By triggering this avalanche effect, anything can be possible for your success of business!

Online Public Relations

Awareness and positive image of any business is very important to success in long term.  It takes time for a brand to build up and online public relations can be a very good way in achieve a good result in a shorter period of time with broader coverage if appropriate actions are being taken.


Website Presence & Targeted Penetration

Most social media or networks can be filtered by very unique demographics.  Companies can accurately target and reach their potential customers by this wonderful nature of social media.  Hence the website presence of these companies are most relevant to their customers when they do the right things!



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