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Internet & Online Payment


e-Commerce or e-Shopping is becoming a major focus of many companies no matter they are targeting B2C or B2B.  The scalability implications of sales is creating a huge growth potential for any business if appropriate strategy is being taken.  The key success factor to e-Commerce or e-Shopping is payment.  The simplest choice is to use PayPal for most credit cards especially VISA and Master to handle countries that credit cards penetrations are high.

However, countries like China where majority of people still do not have credit cards, local payment solutions must be considered.  Adams is experienced and has been collaborating online payment gateways that may cover 90% of the populations in China who can make online payment over the Internet using their debit cards of the local banks.

Easy to Setup

Setting online payment has become a second nature to any experienced website programmer.  The interface and application of PayPal and most Internet payment gateways are very easy and user-friendly.  Customers should not have any hazard in integrating these solutions.


Auto Fund Transfer to Banks in Hong Kong

Adams is working one of the biggest payment gateway in China called IPS.  IPS is providing an auto fund transfer to banks in Hong Kong every 7 days if the transaction amount is over Hk$3000.  It makes life so easy for any company that they do not need to worry about opening up a bank account in China nor to instruct to transfer after payment being received.


Low Handling & Transaction Fee

Not like some payment gateways provided by selected banks, the set up fee and transaction fee for both Paypal and Internet payment gateways are relatively fair and affordable with smaller barrier upfront.


90% Coverage in China

There are just too many local banks in China, if you are planning to get payment from China in most villages of different provinces, you need to work with the payment gateway that is covering the small villages as well as the bigger ones with their debit cards as credit cards are not so available in general!



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