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Display/Banner Advertising


"Top of Mind" is one of the most important topics we need to address for Marketing.  With extensive partner network and in-depth knowledge of different markets, Adams is helping customers to locate and choose the best possible websites and online channels to create their brand awareness on the Internet.


With lot of practical experiences, Adams consultants help customers to create the highest ROI (return on investment) ads all the time to gain market segment share as well as creating sales demand for our customers.



Run Of Networks

Adams has proactively built up a comprehensive networks of most popular websites in town and in different countries that our customers can pick the most relevant networks to advertise their products, services and company throughout the entire network(s).  This facilitates a broad base coverage of your web presence in a very short period of time to create a very good awareness in the market.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Through different search engines including the world leading Google, Yahoo and Baidu, Adams provide the most cost-effective packages to customers to display their ads on a huge number of selected websites only charged by cost per click (CPC).  This not only lower the entry barrier and serves as an excellent benchmarking exercise for customers to test the market response and performances of different targeted channels.

Action Oriented Display Ads

We are very specific on the strategy of the Ad design to be action oriented.  It is becoming very difficult to get the attention of the Internet users, the "Stopping Power" of any ad depends on the sales program or actions being encouraged by the ad design.  The animation and duration control governs the response as well as the messaging being presented.

Interaction and Tracking is the key

The beauty of Internet advertising is interaction.  With the rise of Web 2.0, it is making it possible to be innovative and creative to show ads with dynamic interactions including click-through, games, forward to friends, sharing to social media...etc

Moreover, with the right tracking tools, it is possible to uniquely identify the consumer behavior down to personal level with details of demographic information.  This definitely can enrich the level of customer relationship building when data are managed strategically.


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