Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling is such an important tool to segment your customers in a way for effective targeted marketing or personal marketing. A comprehensive research should involve Online-to-Offline (O2O) and vice versa behavior analysis. Social Media and Mobile Media are contributing to a lot of factors in this matter. Adams is working with technology partners to provide solutions to our clients to actively capture data from the market as well as from your existing customer base.

Aggregated Customer Profiling (ACP)

Customers Behavior in Different Snapshots

We believe that we can ask our customers for their behavior in different snapshots. By aggregating these little incidences, we can effectively build up a comprehensive picture of each individuals or groups of individuals. By effect, we are talking about the use of Big Data. However, without a good methodology and model to define your interested areas, the data captured do not present any good meaning. Hence, Adams is using this model to fine tuned to the need of clients for their best business results and return-on-Investment (ROI’s).

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