[Are you conquering 200+ rules to show on page 1 of Search Engines?]

Nowadays, more and more online-platforms are allowed businessmen to advertise to increase more exposure for their website. However, does anyone ask how can I increase the exposure of my website in natural reach?

It seems that many businessmen are only focusing on Paid-Reach and usually overlook the importance of search engine optimization for a company. Yet, It is very crucial for increasing exposure of a company in natural reach.

Matthew Kwan, Principal Consultant of Adams stated in Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) that to have a more higher rank in the search engine, you should be more strategically on the website domain, the number of time the keywords appear in your website, the number of outside link to your website, the headline title and these combined with 200 rules to make your website becomes more visible. If you are interested in knowing more about Search Engines Optimization, please access to our website and Facebook Fans page for more!!