Adams Performetar is a tool for companies and advertisers to easily evaluate ROI from all sources of internet traffics of advertisements, search engines marketing and emails…etc. The implementation is very simple and it provides you capabilities to measure your success of e-Marketing strategy giving the right data to plan for future campaigns.

“ An excellent tool for companies and advertisers to
evaluate ROI from all sources of internet traffic! ”

Online Ads
Social Media Ads
Online Ads
Social Media Ads

Simple Installation

The installation is very simple, you just need to install a “pixel code” to your web page that is generating your results! For example, if you are running a hotel business, you will need to install the “pixel code” to your room booking confirmation page.

Adams Performetar will provide you a list of successful sales orders which were lead from different sources of online media. Therefore you can analyze which are the most effective channels according to your marketing budget and actual income.

Install a “pixel code” to your web page.

Analysis of e-Marketing effectiveness is made possible by reports generated based on the data and results captured by Adams Performetar. You can review marketing campaigns, sources, medium, devices that are leading to your business results and to an extent revenue being generated by these efforts.


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Channel Effectiveness

With Adams Performetar, you can easily review all of the paid internet channels by their effectiveness in bringing you the real results of sales orders, membership acquisitions,…etc


As sales revenue being generated by different online media, it is possible for business managers and marketeers to calculate the return-on-investment of their e-Marketing effort by channel.


It is so important to plan marketing budget based on track records. Adams Performetar can allow you to make strategic decision of your marketing budgets based on your advertisements performance from different online channels. ……

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